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About Us

TPE and Silicone sex dolls of the very best quality and affordability are available at CATDOLL. There are a variety of doll price points from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, but even our most expensive dolls are still quite affordable.

All CATDOLL dolls come with fully articulated posable metal skeletons, with soft, squeezable skin that appears as close as possible to 'the real thing'. Your doll will amaze you with its lifelike and realistic features. Our dolls are not only wonderful sexual playmates, but they are also bought by both men and women. We have many customers who use our dolls for photography. They make perfect models because of their perfectly proportioned, posable bodies and adorable faces (just anatomically correct). Others enjoy the companionship and respite from loneliness they receive from their dolls, and some simply enjoy cuddling with their dolls at night.

As you browse our dolls, you will find detailed descriptions, measurements, weights and countless high quality photos of every love doll we sell. What you see are actual photos of our dolls and display the exact same quality as what you receive when you purchase your doll. For the photo shoots, a little extra attention has been paid to hair styling, makeup, clothing, and accessories. You will receive your sex doll in her own naturally beautiful state, without any extra makeup or accessories.

When you buy a doll, you can completely customize her to your own preferences and tastes. Some doll options include body style, which includes height, breast size, and body proportions, as well as skin color, eye color, wig style and color, pubic hair (or none), fixed or replaceable vagina, manicure color, and toenail polish color. You create your dream girl, who is completely and uniquely yours from head to toe.